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This blog is written and produced by Karina S. Descartin.

Self-photographed with an iPhone 5S.

Self-photographed with an iPhone 5S.


Timeless Boulevard is inspired by my quest for simplicity, connectedness, and great health. It is driven by my passionate curiosity. It is a celebration of life’s journeys and quirks.

The color theme evokes the feeling of fresh and the magic of smiles.

Timeless Boulevard visual theme is designed by Gerry Manacsa.

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I blog for fun. I write posts related to cycling, endurance events, human health, fitness, food, tools, gadgets, geekery, space, aviation, adventures, travel, and lessons along the way.

I advocate for:

  • aerospace and terrestrial health and wellness
  • high-touch and efficient use of technology in preventive medical and health coaching practices
  • mindfulness and connectivity in built environments
  • space exploration
  • creativity and sustainability in global and urban health
  • creativity in anti-creative environments


I turned on the online switch with a page as timelessboulevard on Geocities— my first attempt at a website back in 2004. Then, with a 2 MP HP pocket camera, Canon Powershot A410, and a Canon 40D, shared away on Blogspot— my photography blog which I began in 2005. My photoblog is still living, though mired in inertia. My last post was in 2009.

Timeless Boulevard, my old photoblog at Blogspot, b. 2005—

Timeless Boulevard, my old photoblog at Blogspot, b. 2005 – d. 2009.

The Story of Healing, my medicine 2.0, social media, and technology blog, began in 2007. Through the Story of Healing, I had ‘met’ many interesting medical geeks in the blogosphere. The Story of Healing is also still living but had served its time and concept for three good years from 2007 till 2010—it will continue to rest for now.

The Story of Healing, b. 2007 - d. 2010.

The Story of Healing, my old Medicine, Medicine 2.0, Technology, Health, Social Media blog, b. 2007 – d. 2010.

Since 2006, I have been, and still am, on Twitter. Though I still share photos of my coffee stops, I have since stopped talking about cereal for breakfast.

Timeless Boulevard, b. 2013, is my attempt at coming back to writing online again, post-Facebook ketosis. I am happy to be back.


I will never sell your emails and personal information to third parties. I abhor spam as much you do.


Please ask first. Except for some diagrams, you may borrow my photos as long as they will not be used for commercial, political, or marketing purposes. Borrowed photos must be credited. For a cost, you may also request for prints or higher resolution downloads when available.


This is my personal blog. I do not speak on behalf of any of the institutions I am (currently or previously) affiliated with.

I am not your physician. The information in my blog and tweets is for educational purposes only. They are not medical advice. Any health-related content here should not replace the counsel of your personal physician or preferred health care professional.

You can find physicians and wellness coaches who are self-caring, mindful, and dedicated to truly helping you. Once you find them, I encourage you to visit them regularly and establish proactive partnerships with them so you may achieve your best health.


When I feature a product, service or space, the foremost reason is that I like them. I enjoy reviewing gadgets and other products that I purchased for my personal use. If a company sends me their new products for review, I will disclose that fact along with the review.

Timeless Boulevard (TB) participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. When you click on a link to Amazon from this site and make a purchase, Timeless Boulevard is compensated for advertising Amazon.com. When you buy your items from Amazon via links like this, TB’s upkeep gets supported without cost to you.

TB will donate 5% of total annual affiliate compensation before taxes from this blog to charity. TB prefers giving to local, positive, rescue, fitness, and health organizations. TB will not donate to political organizations.