Smoothie Improvisation: Apples, Cherries, Walnuts, Cranberries and More

The late afternoon sun is pouring through our windows, flooding my work perch and reminding me of how long it’s been since lunch. Now that we’re on the tail-end of our week’s worth of produce, making a smoothie snack calls for a bit of improvisational scrounging (though admittedly, improvisation is always part of my cooking style).

I gathered a few items likely to match with each other, resulting in this:

Apple Cherry  Walnut Smoothie in the VitamixSmoothie ingredients in the Vitamix, ready for blending.

2 medium apples I used organic Fuji apples this time.
1 handful strawberries These were getting a bit overripe in the fridge, but they were great for smoothies.
2 handfuls cranberries Pulled from the stash of fresh cranberries we just froze.
1 handful dried cherries Grabbed a bunch from the muesli reserve — handy to have dried fruits for a low-produce day like today!
1 handful dried goji berries
1 handful raw walnuts
dash whole flax seeds
dash chia seeds This reminds me of tiny boba or berry seeds. If you don’t care for that texture, leave out the chia.
1 tablespoon mango sorbet Scraping the bottom of the barrel of that leftover sorbet I used in my last smoothie recipe!
1–2 cups almond milk 1 cup resulted in a fairly thick drink, the way I like it. Use a bit more if you prefer yours thinner.

I dumped all of the ingredients except the chia seeds into the Vitamix and blended on high until smooth. I added the chia seeds last and blended on low just to stir them in.

Apple Cherry Walnut Smoothie

Apple, cherry, walnut, cranberry smoothie: a quick and tasty pick-me-up.